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A Few Words About Us

Aarambha Energy & Electronics Pvt Ltd. was established and registered during the year 2014 A.D at Kathmandu is the pioneer in Nepal in the design, development and distribution of modern technology of Solar Power solutions. The theme behind launching is obviously to generate profit along with the objective of creating job for the unemployed and servicing its customer by taking it as a top most priority. It has its own corporate office, warehouse, factory and assembling centre at Naikap. It has retained professional individual who is continuously working efficiently for number of years and currently employs more than 100 self dedicated and motivated employees through direct and indirect means to achieve a common goal. It is each and every employee of the organization is adroit in his/her job, they accomplish whatever the assignment undertaken with zeal and enthusiasm irrespective of time constraint.

The company has been working as the market leader in introducing, manufacturing and promoting latest solar technologies for domestic, industrial and commercial purposes. The company holds an expertise in research and development, prototype development, test installation and commissioning of solar energy technology. The diversified fields of our work include Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) for thermal and electric power supply, water heating including steam production, solar drying and space heating suitable to all regions including freezing prone areas. We are dedicated towards development and promotion of energy efficient technologies and solutions for local, commercial and industrial applications.

We represent world renowned brand of Solar Lighting Systems which is the major need for the country. We particularly deal with solar water heating system & undoubtedly the No. 1 company in both vacuum tube & conventional system. We have our manufacturing plant for conventional water heating system, which is managed by highly skilled technical personal. Focus approach, excellent marketing & management skill in all sectors within the company & its Associates had recognized itself as a top notch company within a span of a decade. The company had stood itself outstanding on highly competitive market due to its effective market policy in terms of service, quality; which directly helps to win the trust & faith of the customer resulting in positive growth of the company.

The valuable constructive responses and suggestions through direct, indirect measure from the customers have directed the company towards the apex. It’s beyond words to thanks adequately our deep felt appreciation for the help, advice & encouragement given by all the valued customers, well wishers, organization from different parts of the country.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to be the dominant player in installation of clean energy in Nepal. At the current situation of Energy Crisis and dependency on environment our pace is to combat the climate change through the development and manufacturing of high quality solar-related electronics for sustainability and industrial development. We aim to present a basic standard of living and to introduce a new level of safety that was never thought possible without electricity. We are providing Technology to anyone that wants to save the environment along with high quality customer service to their individual needs.


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Our Vision

Our vision is to helping create a more sustainable future for our planet and its inhabitants. Through our work, we see clear opportunities to influence people's thinking and behaviors towards energy efficiency and the use of natural, sustainable methods of energy production and utilization. We are progressing into a new era where we use renewable sources to fuel our growing world and to heal the damage done by mankind. We need every one to conserve energy so that we can reduce the demand on the environment. We want people to be engaged in production and invest on energy. We want to help supplement the power needs by green power so as to cut our carbon foot prints.


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We are customer oriented organization focusing to provide quality product & maintain cordial understanding through efficient customer relationship management. We have efficient network within the country so that our valued customer can have easy access to our product as & when required. Even though the company is established with the motive of business & profit, it operates with marginal profit, keeping in mind to reach out to all the customers. Our objective is to touch most of the people despising geographical distance and to develop customer all over Nepal. To encourage the customer to visit the showroom in person to avail up to date technical knowledge & information about the product through highly qualified representative of the company.




About Aarambha

Aarambha Energy is a leading brand in the field of solar company which gives reliable and quality solution to solar problem. Our company consists of technically sound and experienced staffs which together work to give our customer satisfactory result. We have installed solar products at various residences, hotels, schools, hostels, commercial and corporate areas. We believe in quality service and products selling.

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Address: Satdobato-15, Lalitpur
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Phone: +977-1-5533771,01-5522514